The Bigger Dream.

We are a creative bunch of individuals, but we always wished to contribute our creativity to build communities. The intention is to add value in the lives of individuals that can then bring in more values to the community. We aspire,

  1. to build a Innovation lab that nurtures products or services that are meaningful and impact individuals. We believe in taking a portion of the value that we add to individuals rather than treating them as customers who are the source of revenue. With this we wish to build products that can reach a million homes spreading smiles.
  2. to set up an Incubator/ Accelerator for Social Enterprises aiming at building Enterprises that create an impact. What good is an enterprise that is not compassionate to its stakeholders? What good is an enterprise that does not consider living in harmony with nature and its creations? We have one life to build an empire where its people are treated with love and affection and with that the welfare of the kingdom.
  3. To nurture leaders for the nation. Ours is a beautiful nation in a planet one in 8 planets, in a billion stars of a billion galaxies. Therefore, it is a responsibility that every human carries with him; to value it and make it a little better than it was given to us. With India boasting 600 million youths filled with energy that can be directed towards the construction or destruction of the nation. We need more leaders than we wanted before, to steer this massive emotion to become corporate, social, and public leaders. 100 of these nurtured, each with a zeal to nurture another 10 leaders would reach half a billion in a lifetime- that is the total youths in our nation today.

The Journey Ahead.

It is clear therefore that the journey is not as smooth as expected, as ambitious as it may sound, it is also satisfying and would keep us all occupied for this lifetime. How best could one gratify the creator for giving us this life? The sacrifices of those brave souls who let us breathe and live in this free soil? the inspiration of all those leaders which still burns in our heart? This is not just a journey of building an empire, it's rather a movement to shatter the beliefs that we already have to rebuild it in a way that helps us see clearly the beauty of life. Thus we seek the help of people, on whose shoulders we wish to see the future, alongside whom we wish to walk further to build happier communities, meaningful life, valuable enterprises, worthwhile products, lasting leadership, and a stronger culture and a united nation. End of the story and beginning of the journey…

Meet our mentors.