Innovation Events

Problems are inevitable, but it takes the right mindset, good observation and critical thinking to turn problems into opportunities. When a group of people work on problems in well set environment it results in innovative ideas. For years we have worked with organisations at different scale to kindle innovative thoughts. Innovation events are the programs that awakens the otherwise dormant thoughts of individuals in the organisation.

These events are to stimulate the creative minds of participants and foster their problem-solving skills. It creates a uniquely productive atmosphere that forces participants to distil their visionary concepts down to actionable solutions.


The best way to challenge individuals or a group of people with different expertise to come up with innovative solutions is through 12 hours - 60 hours of rigorous hackathons. By setting up an environment with the right resources, ambience and mentors, initiate the tinkering process. Sit back and observe how ideas of enthusiasts spread over domains, transform into solutions that hold the potential to solve real-time problems of people that prove beneficial for the organisation.

Ideation Events

An intense 5 hours sessions over the span of 3 days with focus on Critical Thinking, Design Thinking and Story Board Writing brought together with our expertise to enhance an individual’s approach to problems with Innovative Thinking. With an overall understanding on the challenge at hand, groups are better prepared to come up with sustainable ideas. The session concludes with Proof of Concepts that will then be pitched in front of the jury or the Board of the organisation.

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