Social Innovation

This Social Innovation Program (SIP) is a yearlong program that blends theory and practice of social innovation from a systems-level, multi-sector, and cross-disciplinary perspective.

Focused on Human Centered Design (HCD), Design Thinking, and Social Research Method, participants will be introduced to a variety of practices, processes, and tools that community-change agents use to inform, inspire and create lasting, meaningful solutions.

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How do we do it

Understand The Context

Understand the context by empathising with the community stakeholder.

Identifying The Problems

Identifying the problems along with the stakeholders.

Problem Statements

Defining the problem statements under the guidance of sector experts.

Idea Generation

Generate the ideas through Ideation Events.

Prototype Development

Prototype development through hackathon & makeathon events for developers, makers and student community.

Testing The Solution

Testing the solutions in field by filtering out best of the best ideas.

Facilitating The Solution

Facilitating the solutions through government grants, CSR funds and community funds to build the end user product/service.


Product/service marketing to the masses through Social Enterprise setup.

We are on the mission to drive the change in the region by acting like a catalyst.
If you ever had the urge to impact the life of many, join hands.

Organization that we have collaborated with.

Sahyadri College Of Engineering & Management

The Social Innovation curriculum at Sahyadri is integrated into their academic curriculum and is made available for all the First Year Students. The program has evolved in the past three years and has yielded fruitful results. This includes innovations that cater to the community needs, attitudes of the students, confidence in creating solutions for the community and the likes. Over 250 Ideas have been documented and 30+ ideas have been incubated and awarded.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

University students and young professionals who are interested in exploring social innovation in a dynamic, diverse environment.

The social Innovation Program runs for 2 semesters - 60 hours course.

Guest speakers and workshops leaders from social enterprises will lead key sessions along with program instructors who will facilitate other activities including reflection and community building.

Credits can be applied to electives, in some cases to major or minor requirements and other graduation requirements. Students must get approval for the application or distribution of credits from their academic advisor and/or department chair.

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